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Company Brief

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Company Brief

HESCO (Hyundae Engineering & Shipbuilding Consulting) International, Inc., is a leading consulting company for shipbuilding that provides a portfolio of professional support services to clients worldwide in the engineering and shipbuilding process. The company's consultants possess the experience and guidance that ensure premier solutions to clients worldwide. We assist clients with analyzing and planning shipbuilding construction projects to attain good results and to avoid possible shipbuilding difficulties.

HESCO Consulting is a new, highly-driven, and proficient company consisting of professional consultants that have considerable working experience in Hyundai Heavy Industries Company.

The company's team of professionals has worked on different shipbuilding projects for more than three decades and has encountered and solved a lot of problems in different shipyards. The company takes pride in providing the best solution and latest technology to shipyard companies around the globe. With our competent consultants, we can give the best possible solutions to any technical problems that might occur in the shipbuilding process. The ever-changing shipyard markets can be a hindrance to success but we can attest in giving paramount solutions to it.

HESCO Consulting delivers total commitment to providing optimal consulting services. With our vast knowledge and experience, clients are guaranteed high-value solutions and support with their every shipbuilding needs.