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Staffing Service

Finding the right people for the right job can be very challenging for every company since its success is largely dependent on its workforce. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to utilize our vast experience and to let us help you in trying to streamline your search for the right people. HESCO provides clients around the world with skillful, properly trained and highly competent workers. We are much committed to dealing with companies and institutions of good reputation in providing manpower.

We deliver intelligent solutions in the areas of human resources and are much tailored to meet the objectives and relevant demands of our clients. For this reason, HESCO offers four kinds of Staffing Service:

1. Manpower for Newbuilding & Repair Production
  • Supervisor
  • Foremen
  • General Workers (Welders, Fabricators and pipe-fitters)
  • - Provides assistance in the dispatch of workers in the production field if the client needs
  • ( Hull Outfitting , Hull Piping , Accommodation , Machinery , Electric ,Hull Construction ,Paint and Sea Trial )

2. Newbuilding & Repair Supervision
  • Newbuilding & Repair Progress Control
  • Quality and Production Control
  • Inspection and Technical Guidance
  • Supervision for Shipbuilding Including Installation and Outfitting Construction
  • ( Hull Outfitting , Hull Piping , Accommodation , Machinery , Electric ,Hull Construction ,
  • Hull Production Design , Paint and Shop Engineering , Sea Trial )

3. Shipbuilding Engineering
  • Technical Engineering for Production Process
  • - Supervises and provides technical support in shipyard production development process including technical
  • investigation, surveys, drafts and others
  • - Provides all technical support in the production field or any other fields if the client needs

4. Assistance for design teams
  • Review of Design for Efficient Construction
  • - Production Drawing and Basic& Detail Arrangment

Ship Design & Drawing Review Shipbuilding Supervision Ship Design & Drawing Review Shipbuilding Supervision Ship Design & Drawing Review Shipbuilding Supervision

Consulting Service

Scope of Service

An important factor that is necessary to clients's success is the proper management of the processes involved in shipbuilding. It must succeed technically and financially. To be effective and efficient, shipbuilding companies should have a systematic approach to continuously improve its business while striving for innovation, proper cost management and integration with new technology. Hence, each company needs professionals that can cater to both financial and technical aspect. HESCO is the best solution provider for shipbuilding at one stop, providing a holistic management approach to aligning processes with the wants and needs of clients.

HESCO proudly offers its Production Process Management Solution with two kinds of services for production process management solution:

1. Consulting Services
  • Competitive Technical Power Solution
  • Engineering and Technical Field for Shipbuilding
  • Information Technology for Shipbuilding

2. Development of Process Management
  • Production Process Development
  • Cost and Process Control Programming
  • CIMS (Computer Integrated Management System)

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